Testimonial – Joseph & Rebecca Devaney

“It has been almost a year since we were selected as one of the couples to win the IVF grant to help us with our treatment expenses. We have been so blessed by not only the financial support, but the emotional support as well. We have had good and bad days throughout our continued journey and KHA has always been there to encourage us and help us remain hopeful during our worst days. It truly is so nice to see a message come through that wishes us luck on our appointment that day or a message asking us how things went. They really are becoming like family to us and we appreciate everything they have done for us. A year ago we thought there is no way we could actually win something so amazing and to be honest I kept wondering should we even try? What if we don’t win? What if this isn’t real? I am so happy we took that chance because although we do not yet have our miracle, they have given us hope that we had completely lost. They have given us friendship, support, prayers, and lifted that weight of finances off our shoulders. No matter what happens, we are forever grateful to them and will always be there to support them as they give others the hope we so desperately needed. Thank you KHA members!!!”