Testimonial – Lynn & John

” Four months ago, we thought our 4-plus-year infertility journey was over and that we would need to live child-free. Science had failed us repeatedly over the years, we didn’t have the financial means to keep going, and we had lost hope. We were frustrated, heartbroken, and angry that any additional treatment options would be impossible due to finances. All we wanted to do was bring more love into the world, and we wouldn’t have that opportunity because of the financial burden. It felt unfair. But thanks to Keeping Hope Alive, we are able to keep trying to achieve our dreams! From the moment we found out that we won the grant, the entire team has been so supportive! They’ve checked in with us periodically and offered up encouragement. They have such empathy and compassion, and truly just want to help. They were also incredibly responsive when we needed to move forward very quickly in order to secure our donor eggs. They say it takes a village to raise a family; in our case, it’s taking a village just to start trying for one. For the first time in a long time, we have hope. And we’re so grateful that the KHA team have become not just friends, but part of our extended family.”