Keeping Hope Alive is excited to announce the beneficiaries for the 2017 KHA Golf Outing to be held October 1st, 2017 @ Indian Spring CC is Joanie & Paul Chinnici. Below is a post from Joanie regarding her journey which led her to KHA:

Where do I start, lets just say last night some very amazing people came into my life and made me the luckiest and happiest girl in the world. My husband Paul and I met 16 yrs ago and instantly had a connection. We always planned on having kids one day but those plans were put aside because of my love for a dog. I brought a 7 month old puppy named Buddy into the relationship who ended up having major aggressive issues. We both loved Buddy as are child and would never give him up knowing he would be euthanized because of his aggression. We decided not to have kids until Buddy had lived out his life. Well Buddy lived until he was 15 years old and had the best life ever. We decided shortly after that it was finally our time to be the parents like we always wanted to be, Easy right? Not for us 😦 We tried and tried. Ovulation kits, pregnancy teas, Vitamins, anything we could think of or read about and nothing was working. I heard about Dr Taliadouros through a friend so decided maybe he could help us. I started with timed intercourse (with medication) and nothing happened. Month after month was such a huge disappointment. All I want in life is to have a baby and it’s not happening for me. When I was a little girl I grew up knowing one day I’ll be a mom so I was not gonna give up. We decided that we couldn’t take the disappointments any longer and to just go with IVF. We figured we were spending so much money and time anyway, so why not? What we didn’t realize was how expensive it was gonna be since our insurance wasn’t going to cover it, another disappointment 😦 We were told to check out this page called Keeping Hope Alive. I honestly wasn’t going to apply because I knew we weren’t lucky people (or so I thought). Needless to say I sent a little two paragraph handwritten application to them which took me 2 minutes to write but that 2 minutes and those two paragraphs told my story. To my surprise I got a response back that the founders of Keeping Hope Alive wanted to meet with us for an interview. I thought to myself “This is a joke right?”; they couldn’t possibly have been interested in our story. The entire ride there we were saying to each other “ They have to interview everyone, they are definitely not picking us so let’s not get our hopes high”. We were definitely nervous but those nerves went out the window when we saw that table with all those smiling happy faces, that beautiful baby girl and that beautiful pregnant belly. Not to be cheesy but my first thought was “WOW I want to be these people”. Conversation started so naturally, It was as if I was having dinner with a group of my closest friends. I had so many questions about IVF and realized if I wasn’t the one they chose, I was still a winner because I had people that I could annoy with all my IVF questions and they would be there to happily answer. Towards the end of the hour or so they asked if they could video a part of the interview (which didn’t feel like an interview but more of just friends hanging out & talking). I said sure since it was for a co-founder who couldn’t make it to the interview. This was the moment that might heart dropped to my stomach ❤ The moment that someone was actually offering me the best gift in the world, The moment that made a girl actually have a chance of becoming a mommy 🙂 I definitely went into a little shock. There I thought I was gonna walk out tonight a winner with free cheesesteak egg rolls. lol These six amazing people picked US! Who would have thought. We literally drove home with the biggest smiles on our faces and a memory of a night we will never forget. We learned a valuable lesson that you should never give up hope because there is always someone out there KEEPING HOPE ALIVE.. Please follow me through my exciting new adventure that will hopefully allow me to become what I’ve always wanted to be, A MOMMY!

Thank You,
Joanie Chinnici

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